Craft Roasted Coffee

There’s no doubt about it, we love good coffee.  So we choose coffees from around the world to roast.  These are higher end coffees and as such, come with a higher price tag.    But we promise you, that if you give them a try, you will find something quite unique and enjoyable.

Unique Pastries

Oh, the fun we have had in exploring new ways of baking.  Nut flours, coconut flour, coconut sugar, seed flours, coconut oil are just some of the ingredients that are contained in our delectable new pastry offerings.

Fine Artisan Chocolate

The moment you place one of our chocolates into your mouth, you will experience the smooth...     velvety...   rich...  chocolate immediately melting on your tongue.


Fresh • Pure • Sinfully Delicious

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All photos by Gini Behrendt

NOTE: We are an outlet for our products, not a sit-down cafe.  For great ambiance, please visit one of the venues that serve our coffee!